15th SKC 2nd APAC Competition

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At the recent SKC Grooming competition we won a total of 10 awards. The open and C class category are the most competitive categories with the most number of participants and we took 8 out of 10 awards.

Our Trainers @pai_chai_tai and @t.trimmer put in lots of hard work and we must thank them for that.

The following are the results.

Open class SKC
1. Regine – technical award 2nd place
2. Hannah – Award of Merits
3. Summer – Award of Merits

C class SKC
1. Eugene – Best Technical 1st Place
2. Ben – Technical Award 2nd Place
3. Jaff – Technical Award 2nd Place
4. Shirly – Awards of Merit
5. Rebel – Awards of Merit

A Class SKC
1. Catherine – Technical Award 2nd place

C3 class APAC
Sue Ann – Winner


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