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Our certified, award winning groomers are committed to deliver the best possible grooming experience for you and your pets.
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Quality. Creativity. Passion.

Here at Animal Arts Academy, these are our watch-words.

Who We Are In Short

Here at the Animal Arts Academy, our goal is to provide the best care for your pets.


Our certified, award winning groomers are committed to deliver the best possible experience for you and your pets.


When we are not serving you, our groomers are taking part in grooming competitions, or upgrading themselves with advanced courses. We made a commitment to stay atop the latest trends and grooming techniques.


Like we said, only the best.

SKC cert

Our Story

Co-founded in 2006 by our director Kingsly Tan, Animal Arts Academy began as a salon at Singapore’s VivoCity The Pet Safari. Animal Arts Academy provides only the best for your pets – with quality, creativity and passion.


AAA is a subsidiary company at Pet Lovers Centre with a network of 14 pet grooming salons and we are still growing!


Our academy is a fully certified grooming establishment by the Singapore Kennel Club(SKC), and often participate in many pet grooming competitions held in Singapore and Internationally. We believe in helping groomers reach whole new levels of expertise. Our graduates are proficient and professional, compassionate and genuinely care for the pets they work with.


Our training courses includes an industry immersion program where you will learn and gain professional exposure alongside our stylists at one of our grooming salons. Jobs may even be available within our salons for you to join upon your successful completion of our courses! 


Our education program is dynamic, exciting and fulfilling. Many of our students have benefited from our professional courses to become top pet grooming award winners and also successful entrepreneurs where they have started their own pet shops and grooming salons.


We aim to continue to develop successful pet stylists for the industry!  

"Have been bringing Hana to (our groomer) Linda for a year. We have followed her from Nex to the new Kembangan outlet. She is a very accommodating, lovely and patient groomer! Will keep bringing Hana to her."

Ms Sharon Goh, Proud owner of Hana the Poodle.

"I want to thank Shane and another groomer at Animal Arts Academy... My dog hurt himself at the dog park and was bleeding profusely... (he) hurt both his nails and back paws… There was no pet clinic, my husband and I were at a loss, arms covered in our dog’s blood. I could only think of going to the groomers for emergency help… Without hesitation, two of them stopped their work to attend to my dog's wounds and stopped the bleeding. A big thank you to both of you!"

Ms Angela Tan

"Putting in extra effort and catering customers' needs and services are hard to find nowadays. Good job, Derrick!"

Ms Stefie Pek, Contented customer @ The Grandstand Salon
Meet the Animal Arts Academy Team

Kingsly Tan / Director & Principal

Animal Arts Academy @ Serangoon Gardens

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Ng Sze Ting / Grooming Instructor & Senior Stylist

Animal Arts Academy @ Serangoon Gardens

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Prince Antolijiao / Senior Stylist

Animal Arts Academy @ Serangoon Gardens

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Zann Tan / Senior Stylist

The Pet Safari @ VivoCity

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Catherine Lim / Stylist

Pet Lovers Centre @ Balmoral Plaza

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Ginny Kang / Senior Stylist

The Pet Safari @ Nexmall

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Li Yu Tong / Stylist

The Pet Safari @ VivoCity

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Lu Yan Fen / Stylist

The Pet Safari @ Nexmall

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Feng Feng / Stylist

Pet Lovers Centre @ Kembangan

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Boon Sian / Stylist

The Pet Safari @ VivoCity

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Ryan Chan / Stylist

Animal Arts Academy @ Serangoon Gardens

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Summer Rong / Stylist

Pet Lovers Centre @ Kembangan

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