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Our academy is fully certified by the Singapore Kennel Club (SKC), and often participate in the many pet grooming competitions held by the SKC.
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Live your passion. Develop your grooming career today!

Are you passionate about being a professional Pet Groomer? Do you believe that success lies in both your qualifications and your passion?


Our academy is a fully certified grooming establishment by the Singapore Kennel Club (SKC), and often participate in the many pet grooming competitions held in Singapore and internationally.


We believe in helping groomers reach whole new levels of expertise. Our graduates are proficient and professional, compassionate and genuinely care for the pets they work with.

Professional Pet Grooming Course

Professional Pet Grooming Course

Pet Bather / Assistant Pet Grooming Course

Pet Bather / Assistant Pet Grooming Course

Pet Grooming Exchange Program

Pet Grooming Exchange Program

Something for everyone

Our courses are structured in a unique, progressive manner.

Progress from basic grooming techniques to specialised scissoring skills and much more! Whether you are a new groomer starting a career, a working pet groomer looking to strengthen your grooming skills or a seasoned professional seeking perfection, we can give you the edge you need.

Learn from the very best

At the academy, our students learn only from the best.

Your instructors are award winning groomers, dedicated professionals with trophies from grooming competitions, both local and overseas. They will be glad to answer your questions and guide you to achieve your goals! We also provide exchange program with top Taiwan grooming school!

Our Instructors

Professional exposure

Your lessons are conducted in our grooming salons.

Work alongside our groomers as they tend to our clients and get a practical taste of how an established grooming business works. Learn about the challenges and opportunities of your new profession – minus the pressure of being an employee or owner!


Experience first-hand the intricacies of working with a customer, discover how to watch for their preferences and keep them happy. Learn while you’re still a student – not on your first grooming job!

Not just for groomers!

Grooming isn’t just for the groomers.

We are proud to introduce the new Basic Pet Grooming Course for pet owners and animal lovers!

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Grooming with Heart

Grooming isn’t just a job to us. Just like you, we know that grooming is also about your passion for pets. Every animal deserves the safest, cleanest, most comfortable experience we can provide. Our clients trust in our care, and we want our salons to stay a second home for their pets. That’s why we strive to deliver courses with passion and technical excellence, the expertise that will make you not just a pet groomer, but a great one.


Let us help you get certified!


If you have the passion and want to take it that one step further and make professional grooming your career, join us here to start your learning journey! We have all the resources for you to succeed – and more!

Professional Pet Grooming Course


Are you passionate about becoming a pet grooming professional?

Do you believe that qualifications are key to your long term success?

C Class (Beginner)

There is no finer beginning for anyone wanting to make their first mark on the world of Pet Grooming than the 80 session AAA professional pet grooming programme. It is the ultimate in modern pet grooming education. Every scissoring and colouring technique that underpin the AAA philosophy will be taught in detail to you. You will possess the newest, most up-to-date knowledge from the latest generation of qualified pet grooming instructors 

The course is divided into three in-depth stages covering all of the subjects needed to provide you with a fast track to pet grooming success. The nature and content of each stage develops as you progress through the course, but some things will remain constant; personal guidance and mentoring from an AAA instructors throughout all work sessions; theory and practical assignments to assess your progress at regular intervals.

What’s more, to help you become a more artistic groomer, we have integrated an Arts n’ Crafts segment into our programme. We believe it is essential to understand more about the structures and both inner and outer lines of the dog body form. Through the arts segment, you will learn how to unleash your innate creativity and merge it with your understanding of the canine form to create an artistic grooming style that is uniquely you!

Stage 1


  • Understanding dog anatomy (theory)
  • Breed recognition (theory)
  • Pet safety (theory)
  • Grooming tools and equipment (theory)
  • Basic health care (theory)
  • Understanding poodle lamb clip (theory)
  • Correct techniques in holding scissors (practical)
  • Learning to draw a lamb clip (art n craft)

Stage 2


  • Ear care (practical)
  • Nail care (practical)
  • De-matting (practical)
  • Removing undercoat (practical)
  • Bathing techniques (practical)
  • Expressing Anal glands (practical)
  • Drying techniques (practical)
  • Enhancement techniques on holding scissors (practical)
  • Enhancement on drawing lamb clip (art n crafts)

Stage 3


  • Pre-clip setting for pet clip (practical)
  • Scissoring techniques (practical)
  • Poodle lamb clip using foam (art n craft)
  • Poodle lamb clip using dummy model (practical)
  • Poodle lamb clip (practical)

Stage 4


  • Further enhancement on scissoring techniques (practical)
  • Enhancement on Poodle lamb clip (practical)
  • Poodle teddy bear clip (practical)
  • Poodle summer clip (practical)
  • Long coated breeds puppy clip e.g Shih tzu, Maltese (practical)
  • Long legged Terrier clips e.g Mini Schnaucher, Fox terrier (practical)
  • Short legged terrier clips e.g West highland white terrier, Yorkshire, Scottish terrier (practical)
  • Spaniel clips  e.g English cocker, American cocker (practical)
  • Trimming on double coated breeds e.g Pomeranian, Shetland (practical)
  • Summer clip on double coated breeds e.g Pomeranian, Shetland (practical)

Stage 5


  • Further enhancement on lamb clip drawing (art n craft)
  • Further enhancement on poodle lamb clip using foam (art n craft)
  • Further enhancement on poodle lamb clip (practical)
  • Creative grooming and colouring (practical)
  • Preparation for C class accreditation examination (practical)

Professional Grooming Tools


  • Straight Shears
  • Curve Shears
  • Thinning Shears
  • Comb
  • Slicker brush
  • Trimmer


Easy instalment plan available! Contact us to find out more.

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B Class (Intermediate)

This course is design for intermediate stylist with at least 1 year of working experience they must also have attain a C class accreditation certificate.

The emphasis on upgrading, strengthening and perfecting scissoring skills. Learn to create the perfect breed profile, you will be able to make every dog as beautiful as he or she can be.


Easy instalment plan available! Contact us to find out more.

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A Class (Advanced)

This course is for the experience groomer with at least 2 years of working experience, they must also have attain a B class accreditation certificate.


To be able to groom show clips for poodles has always been recognised as the highest standard for pet stylist, ever wonder how they create that beautiful spray up top knot or how they were able to groom it to perfection? Emphasis will be on speed, balance, breed standards and confirmation. No dogs are perfect, some might have flaws like underdeveloped chest, bad rear angulations or east west feet but all this faults can be camouflage. Learn how to use the correct technique to do it.

Course Focus


  • Coat maintenance (wrapping the topknot)
  • Showering and drying show coat
  • Poodle puppy show clip
  • Poodle continental clip
  • Poodle English saddle clip
  • Breed standard and confirmation
  • Covering faults
  • Using the hairspray (spray up techniques)


Easy instalment plan available! Contact us to find out more.

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Pet Bather / Assistant

Pet Grooming Course

Pet Bather / Assistant Pet Grooming Course

Designed specifically for dog owners and Pet Grooming Assistant, you will learn basic grooming skills that you can do from the comfort of your own home or work as an assistant in a Pet Grooming Salon! Learn how to trim your dog’s nails, proper bathing techniques, brushing techniques and much more! Free grooming notes provided!



  • Assist in first aid of canines
  • Assess grooming needs
  • Prepare animal and grooming environment
  • Perform pre-bathing, bathing and drying techniques
  • Perform animal clipping techniques
  • Perform additional grooming services


1 full day



$450 nett

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"AAA provides good facilities, equipment and new grooming tools and accessories for all the students. Throughout their long professional experience and expertise, they have handed down to me the right knowledge and help develop the proper skills on Pet Handling, Care and Grooming."

Janelle Jaucian

"Thank you for your instructions and guidance during the Class C Grooming Course. As someone working actively with dogs, I can unreservedly recommend AAA to anyone who wish to start upon a career in pet grooming - or just wants to do grooming for their own dogs. The expert instruction helped me qualify in both the Dog Groomers' Association of Singapore Class C Exam as an Award winner - and bag the Singapore Kennel Club Award of Merit too! I look forward to joining your Class B certification course!"

Low Kok Choon, iWoof

"Animal Arts Academy, thank you for showing me just how much there was to learn. I’m much better at my work now, and I can definitely see my career taking a turn for new heights. I’m definitely signing up for one of your exchange programs to Taiwan. There’s a whole world of grooming to see out there!"

Rachel June, Owner of Dollhouse Pets

"I just want to say a huge thank you to our grooming instructor Ms Amber Chiang. You gave me the inspiration to take what already love doing and take it to a whole new level. More important, you and Director Kingsly opened up a whole new way of doing things. I THOUGHT what I was doing before was professional – now I KNOW I’m a professional. Thank you for sharing your amazing knowledge!"

Low Meiling

"Thank you, Animal Arts Academy. It was a great experience attending your courses. I always figured myself an experienced groomer, but with you guys, I’ve learned so much more! The expertise our Instructors Kingsly and Amber showed was ASTOUNDING."

Shane Poh

Student Exchange Program

Singapore’s First Overseas Pet Grooming Exchange Program


We at the Animal Arts Academy are proud to be the first in Singapore to offer an overseas pet grooming exchange program with Taiwan’s premier grooming school, the White Kennel! Study with some of the foremost pet groomers in Asia, experts who compete regularly in some of the most competitive international pet grooming competitions. Learn from experts who crossed swords with the best groomers Japan, South Korea and the rest of the world have to offer.

An extra touch of Professionalism


Tap into the professional culture of Taiwanese pet groomers, some of the best groomers and pet stylists in Asia. Experience their work ethos for yourself, and return to Singapore with that extra, touch of professionalism your peers will not have!

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Get Certified

Certification is the standardised method to obtain professional recognition for those pet groomers whose knowledge, techniques, abilities and skills have been tested and thereby certified as having met the high standards set forth by various renowned organisations. Certification can only help our profession. Individuals wishing to be certified must display exceptional knowledge and skills in both written and practical testing procedures.


AAA is an appointed grooming establishment with the Singapore Kennel Club, our academy programmes are specially put together to prepare our students for the certification. There are 3 stages of certification C class (beginner level), B class (intermediate level),  A class (advance level).


For groomers with years of experience but are not certified we can design a shorter certification programme for you. please email us for more details.

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