Animal Arts Academy | Complimentary Micro Bubble Spa
Here at the Animal Arts Academy, our goal is to provide the best care for your pets. Our certified, award winning groomers are committed to deliver the best possible experience for you and your pets. When we are not serving you, our groomers are taking part in grooming competitions, or upgrading themselves with advanced courses. We made a commitment to stay atop the latest trends and grooming techniques.
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Complimentary Micro Bubble Spa

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Exclusive at the Grandstand outlet only! Head down now for a complimentary micro-bubble spa for your doggy with every full grooming session!


Benefits of micro bubble bath

  • Improves of skin ailments such as atopic dermatitis, seborrhoea, crusty and oily skin
  • Skin moisturization and resilience effects
  • Massaging effects
  • Removes body odour
  • Eco friendly bath without using detergent (good for dogs who are sensitive to shampoo)



Book your appointment now with us! 

Pet Lovers @ The Grandstand
No. 200, Turf club Road, #01-15B,
Singapore 287994
11:00am to 8:00pm
Tel: 64697383