1-Day Basic Grooming Course

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We’re now making our 1-day basic grooming course more accessible to the public in hopes of educating the public on how to maintain their dogs in between trips to the groomers. Remember, a well groomed dog is a healthier and happier dog!

Instructor Bastian teaching a participant how to grind her dog’s nail

Whether you are a pet owner or someone just wanting to have a feel of how it is to be working in a grooming salon, we believe this course will be beneficial for you.

Our course covers both theory and practical aspects of basic grooming.

Theory will teach you about grooming safety and common accidents as well as guide you on how to counter these issues. Our instructors will also educate you on some dog sicknesses, skin issues and even tell you how you can protect them from these!

Our paw-rents bonding with their furkid while learning how to take care of him at home

Our instructors are certified groomers who have graduated from Animal Arts Academy and love to share their knowledge on pet care.

Participants are encouraged to bring their own pets as that’s who you’ll be grooming at home. It’ll be a day of great bonding for you and your dog as you both gain confidence in each other through grooming under our supervision.

Getting a good scrub down before going home!

Our practical session allows participants to experience doing a complete basic groom for their pets.

  • Nail trimming & grinding
  • Shaving of paw pads
  • Shaving of sanitary area
  • Cleaning and plucking of ear hair
  • Shower, expressing of anal glands and the proper technique of drying your dog
We welcome all legal breeds!

We hope to see you in our next class! Classes are held every alternate Tuesday. Please link to our basic grooming page to see our next available dates.