17th SKC Dog Grooming Examination and 6th SKC Dog Grooming Competition

By December 30, 2018 February 27th, 2019 No Comments

Competing against all the pet rooming Schools in Singapore, AAA has taken home another Outstanding Groomer Award, beating out the 1st place winner from Open, B and A classes! This time by one of our youngest students from our C class candidates who burned hours even after classes and work just to practice on her own.

Big thanks to our other students and award winners, for helping us achieve 100% passes again!

We looked on proudly as our students took the stage as the Top 3 candidates from all classes battling it out for the Outstanding Groomer’s Award.
Qi Xuan – B Class
Kai Min – C Class
Shanna – Open Class
Cheryl – Award of Merit in Open Class Examination
Shanna – Best Technical Award in Open Class Examination
Hui Bing – Award of Merit in C Class Examination
Qi Xuan – Best Technical Award in B Class Examination
Good job guys!

Judge : Candy Liu (Taiwan)