Quality. Creativity. Passion.

Here at the Animal Arts Academy, our goal is to provide the best care for your pets. Our certified, award winning groomers are committed to deliver the best possible experience for you and your pets.

When we are not serving you, our groomers are taking part in grooming competitions, or upgrading themselves with advanced courses. We made a commitment to stay atop the latest trends and grooming techniques.

Like we said, only the best.

Our Story

Co-founded in 2006 by our director Kingsly Tan, Animal Arts Academy began as a salon at Singapore’s VivoCity The Pet Safari. Animal Arts Academy provides only the best for your pets – with quality, creativity and passion.

AAA is a subsidiary company at Pet Lovers Centre with a network of 14 pet grooming salons and we are still growing!

Our academy is a fully certified grooming establishment by the Singapore Kennel Club (SKC), and often participate in many pet grooming competitions held in Singapore and Internationally. We believe in helping groomers reach whole new levels of expertise. Our graduates are proficient and professional, compassionate and genuinely care for the pets they work with.

Our training courses includes an industry immersion program where you will learn and gain professional exposure alongside our stylists at one of our grooming salons. Jobs may even be available within our salons for you to join upon your successful completion of our courses!

Our education program is dynamic, exciting and fulfilling. Many of our students have benefited from our professional courses to become top pet grooming award winners and also successful entrepreneurs where they have started their own pet shops and grooming salons.

We aim to continue to develop successful pet stylists for the industry!

Our Creative Winning Team.

Quality. Creativity. Passion.
Here at Animal Arts Academy, these are our values.

Kingsly Tan

Director & Principal

Our Principal Kingsly Tan is a certified master groomer by the Singapore Kennel Club and an A class groomer with the Kennel Club of Taiwan (KCT). Despite having achieved recognition, Kingsly believes in constantly upgrading himself and developing new grooming techniques to share with his students. Always seeking to improve himself, our principal is also active in conformation dog shows – poodles, bichons and miniature schnauzers are his speciality. Kingsly has bagged many awards to date, including Best in Show.

In his youth, Kingsly travelled extensively, studying the art of pet grooming in different countries – Canada, the United States, China and Taiwan, to name a few. In his studies he discovered that pet grooming was very different in the East and the West. Pet groomers in Canada, America and Europe had a far better understanding of pet anatomy and body profiles, and held themselves to very high standards of workmanship. Pet groomers in the East possessed superior skills with their scissors – their scissoring was far more intricate and meticulous than their western counterparts.

Kingsly has been invited by Artero to conduct grooming seminar in Spain and Malaysia. Artero Jornadas Spain is the biggest grooming show internationally where all the top groomers around the world are invited.

In 2015, Kingsly was appointed to become a grooming judge by the Singapore Kennel club and had since been invited by the Malaysia Kennel association and Korea Kennel Federation to judge in their grooming contest and examination.

Having studied under both traditions of pet grooming, Kingsly put together what he had learned, and developed a special, unique technique of pet grooming. It is a style that combines the best of the East and the West, and here at the Animal Arts Academy, it is Kingsly’s personal mission to teach this technique to his students.

  • 2018 – Artero World Groom Team
  • 2016 – Artero Creative Team Singapore Master Groomer
  • 2015 – Singapore Kennel Club Certified Grooming Judge
  • 2014 – Singapore Kennel Club Certified Master Groomer
  • 2014 – Kennel Club of Taiwan class A certified groomer
  • 2008 – Singapore Kennel Club class A certified groomer
  • 2007 – Singapore Kennel Club class B certified groomer
  • 2005 – Travelled to U.S to learn showing poodles from a top poodle handler
  • 2001 – Graduated from Pets Beautiful grooming school (Canada)
  • 2014 – Kennel Club of Taiwan Class A 2nd Place
  • 2008 – Singapore Kennel Club Class A 1st Place
  • 2007 – Singapore Kennel Club Class B 1st Place
  • 2004 – Pet Esthe pet colouring contest 2nd Prize
  • 2003 – Classified Golden Clipper Contest 1st Prize

Animal Arts Academy @ Serangoon Gardens

Bastian Boon

Pet Stylist / Trainer | Animal Arts Academy @ Serangoon Gardens

Bastian is a dedicated groomer who puts his whole heart into any dog he grooms. His extensive knowledge of the grooming process also makes him a great trainer, enabling students to learn additional things not inside the curriculum. He loves trying out different cuts and styles and aims to make the animals he grooms leave the salon looking the best they can.

2018 - Singapore Kennel Club Class B certified groomer
2017 - MGA Class A Pure Breed certified groomer
2017 - MGS Class B Saloon Freestyle certified groomer
2016 - MGA Pure Breed (Toy Poodle) Class B certified groomer
2016 - MKA Class C Pure Breed certified groomer
2019 - SKC Class B certified groomer
2019 - KCT Class B certified groomer

2019 - Kennel Club of Taiwan B class 2nd Place
2018 - Singapore Kennel Club Open Class 1st Place
2017 - MGA Class A Pure Breed 3rd Place
2017 - MGA Best In Show Award
2017 - MGA Class B Outstanding Award
2017 - MGA Class B Saloon Freestyle 1st Place
2016 - MGA Class B Outstanding Award
2016 - MGA Class B Pure Breed 1st Place
2019 - KCT Class B Technical Award


Pet Stylist | Animal Arts Academy @ Serangoon Gardens

2020 - SKC Class B Certified Groomer
2019 - KCT Class C Certified Groomer
2018 - SKC Class C Certified Groomer

2020 - SKC Class B Award of Merit and Overall Winner
2020 - SKC C Class Elite Competition Best Technical Award
2019 - KCT C Class Elite Competition Award of Merit
2019 - SKC C Class Elite Competition Best Technical Award and Outstanding Groomer Award
2019 - SKC C Class Elite Competition Best Technical Award
2018 - SKC Class C Best Technical Award and Outstanding Groomer Award

The Pet Safari @ VivoCity

Annie Ng

Pet Stylist | Animal Arts Academy @ Pet Safari Vivo City

Annie is responsible and a keen learner. She takes her duties very seriously and is amazing at detangling dogs. She’s also really good at the shop’s housekeeping. She hopes to learn dog therapy after working as a groomer for a few years.

2019 - Singapore Kennel Club Class C certified groomer

2019 - Singapore Kennel Club Class C award of merit

Lu Wen Xuan

Pet Stylist | Animal Arts Academy @ Pet Safari Vivocity

Wen Xuan graduated from Animal Arts Academy in 2016 and has been working as a groomer with us since then. She’s extremely passionate about her job and enjoys bringing her dog Aspen for long nightly walks.

2016 - Singapore Kennel Club Class C certified groomer

The Pet Safari @ Nexmall

May Leong

Pet Stylist | Animal Arts Academy @ NEX Pet Safari

May started off as apprentice at Animal Arts Academy in 2019 due to her extreme passion for pets since young. She is a keen learner, a very caring groomer and capable in handling all different types of dogs and cats.

2020 - Singapore Kennel Club Class C Certified Groomer

Yi Jun

Pet Grooming Assistant | Animal Arts Academy @ NEX Pet Safari

Jun is currently studying to become a professional pet groomer to pursue her childhood dream .She is passionate about animals and hope to gain more experience while working as an assistant with our experienced groomers.

She loves handling small animals like guinea pigs and rabbits too.

Pet Lovers Centre @ Kembangan

Feng Feng

Pet Stylist | Pet Lovers Centre @ Kembangan

Feng Feng has been working in the pet industry since 2008. Achieved Class C certification from Association of Small Animal Protection(CPGA), Beijing in 2009 and Class B certification from Shanghai Naughty Family Pets Co. Ltd in 2010.

2012 – Attended full course in Shanghai Fundamental Stone Pet Grooming Training School (CKU)
2010 – Shanghai Naughty Family Pet Co. Ltd Class B certified groomer
2009 – Association of Small Animal Protection(CPGA) Class C certified groomer

Benedict Chew

Grooming Assistant | Pet Lovers Centre @ Kembangan

Benedict keeps his colleagues in good spirits with his wittiness and makes the overall work plan a happy place to be. He's always careful with the customers and their dogs and is a very responsible worker.

Pet Lovers Centre @ Balmoral Plaza

Xiao hui

Pet Stylist | Animal Arts Academy @ Balmoral Plaza

Xiaohui is a proud graduate of Animal Arts Academy. She has extensive experience in grooming cats, small and big dogs, and is highly rated by industry peers. A loving fur parent of 2 poodles(Tintin and Cola), her soft spoken demeanour and gentleness towards animals makes her very popular with many pet owners and fur kids. She hopes to constantly upgrade her technical skills and set industry standards in pet grooming and care.

2020 - Singapore Kennel Club Class C Certified Groomer

2020 – Singapore Kennel Club Class C Award of Merit

The Pet Safari @ Star Vista

Gabriel Lee

Pet Stylist | Animal Arts Academy @ Star Vista

Gabriel has an insane amount of energy and dedication. She's always looking for ways to improve herself in grooming and giving the best experience for pets in an efficient and stress free way. She loves all breeds of animals and loves putting herself up for a challenge.

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