Professional Pet Grooming Course, Cat Grooming Module

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As more cat owners are coming out to groom their cats, there’s still a lack of groomers who do cat grooming. We teach our students cat grooming so that they are able to diversify their clientele in the future.

Part one of our cat grooming module teaches students the basics of identifying a cat’s body language as well as some cats likes and dislikes.

Students learn to identify different cat breeds through matching names with photos. We teach them the different physical attributes and characteristics of different breeds.

We give the students hands on experience in grooming a cat.

Learning correct shaving techniques to achieve the “lion cut”
They learn the correct handling of a cat during shaving and fur trimming
They also learn to remove the undercoat of cats

Cats can be pretty unpredictable sometimes, especially while having a bath. Instructors are around for their safety.

The students use team work to help each other keep the cats comfortable during grooming.

We love that our learners practice creativity. She has named this the “dino-kitty”.

We even do some creative cuts on the model cats!