Luxury Premium Pet Bath Treatment For Dogs and Cats

Introducing our new Luxury Premium Bath! A high quality shampoo from Japan which will leave your pets fur feeling as soft as cashmere!Benefits :

Benefits :

  • The shampoo is made of smaller molecules which are able to pass through the cuticles of fur. This makes it more effective in the preventing damage and bifurcation (splitting).
  • The small molecules are also able to penetrate the stratum corneum of the skin. This adds on to the moisturizing effect. Other products might only be effective in moisturizing the top layer of the skin.
  • Contains plant proteins which have multi-functions and are able to protect fur from dryness caused by hot air and combing damages.
  • Aids in repairing the fur cuticle.
  • Has conditioning properties by adhering to the fur. This adds more moisture to the skin and fur, as well as shine and smoothness.
  • Aloe Vera extract moisturizes and has anti-inflammatory properties.

To further harness these wonderful benefits, we’re throwing in complimentary CO2 wash! We start your pet’s bath by a calming bath infused with a CO2 tablet which is totally safe even if your pet accidentally licks it or it goes into their eyes.

The CO2 tablet has the ability to remove mineral waste in clogged pores which cause odor while preserving the natural moisture levels in your pet’s skin. It has helped in many skin issues in pets and helps to encourage hair growth.

But wait! That’s not all. It not only improves your pet’s skin and coat but also its immune system by increasing the blood flow which in turn improves metabolism!

You can now enjoy all of these benefits for a top up of $12 (small breeds), $15 (medium breeds) and $20 for large breeds.