Testimonial from Low Kok Choon

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Dearest Kingsly,


Thank you for your instructions and guidance during the Class C Grooming Course. As someone working actively with dogs, I can unreservedly recommend AAA to anyone who wish to start upon a career in pet grooming – or just wants to do grooming for their own dogs.


I am a professional AVA Accredited Dog Trainer, and owner of iWoof, a health resort for dogs, and I have never seen a course as well taught as yours.


I am glad I found AAA when I was looking for a course to upgrade my skills. Initially, I was ‘lost’ – there were so many pet grooming schools out there to choose from! When several trusted contacts from my time as a Governing Council Director at the Singapore Kennel Club came up and recommended – very highly – that I take up a course with AAA, I knew I could stop looking.


It is a decision that I don’t regret. The instructors’ vast experience in dog grooming improved my skills and knowledge vastly. They even had an exchange program with a top notch Taiwanese grooming school – my stint training in Taiwan was a true eye opener!


I gain a lot of knowledge, Kingsly, from maintenance to the grooming of dogs. The expert instruction helped me qualify in both the Dog Groomers’ Association of Singapore Class C Exam as an Award winner – and bag the Singapore Kennel Club Award of Merit too!


Now, I am better equipped to answer queries from my own students. Back at iWoof, the skills I learnt at AAA were immediately useful – especially when things got busy for my staff! As an employer I will not hesitate to hire a graduate of AAA – I know I can be assured of the groomer’s quality, knowledge and capabilities.


Kingsly, AAA, thank you once again! I look forward to joining your Class B certification course!


Low Kok Choon
9th October 2014


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